Schools need websites too!

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We have had a very busy year building websites for all types of interesting clients.
Schools are one category that we have enjoyed working with. Once we build the website we are here to help update all types of information. A website that does not get updated regularly is not very effective.

Here is a short list of things we update for our school clients.
Snack menus – this always makes me hungry but since none of our school clients deliver or have a take out service we just have to go hungry.
School Lunch menu – Same as above, I really miss Mac & Cheese or Fish Sticks for lunch. Sadly no take out or delivery is available.
Class schedules – I make everyone in the office participate in “Crazy Hair Day”

Plus we regularly update, Admission Forms, Health Forms, Parent Letters, Calendars, Pictures and more.

I know that building a website is serious business that fills an important need to communicate with parents. We do have fun trying to decide if the picture I found of a chipmunk looks “Happy enough.” Have you ever seen an unhappy chipmunk?

Here are three schools we have built and maintained websites for.

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