Do I need a website if I am on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

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This is an excellent article by Elliott Richmond, I think he left out one thing. You own your website. These social media website can and do change all the time but your own website is yours to control how ever you see fit. Why spend marketing money and effort to “See my Facebook page” instead of  “Visit us at” Read … Read More

The most cost effective advertising

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This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, This is something we have talked to many of our clients about social media the most cost effective advertising and is impossible to ignore 5 Signs Your Small Business Should Be on LinkedIn 1. You Employ 1-50 People LinkedIn distinguishes companies by many factors, not the least of which is … Read More

Protect your face book privacy

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As much fun as Facebook can be, I have always been uncomfortable about going public on line with personal information. Everyone should remember that the world has access to your Facebook pages and the pages of others you post on. I know adults who write letters to the editor in the local newspaper using a pseudonym but tell the world everything … Read More