E-mail continues to be a vital tool for communication and marketing.

Whether you want to keep your existing email host or simply forward your email to another address, we provide the tools and knowledge to help.

In this era social media, text messaging and instant chat, e-mail is still the most powerful tool for both communication and marketing.

However, does owning your own e-mail really matter?

The short answer is YES!

If your business is still using a GMail, Yahoo!, or AOL e-mail account you may be hurting you business’s image. Many customers will have a biased towards companies that rely on these free email services. They question the company’s reliability and overall professionalism.

The good news, we are here to help…

Scottidesign will help you decide on a simple and effective e-mail strategy, from deciding your domain name and username to configuring your devices, we’ve got you covered!


Show customers you mean business with an email address that looks professional and highlights your domain name.


Contact forms on your website will go directly to your email. We make sure to configure and test all forms to ensure delivery.


Access your e-mail from any device with our Webmail portal. Simply enter your e-mail address and password to login, then check your inbox and compose new e-mail.


Have a favorite e-mail account already? We understand, we do too! Scottidesign can forward your website’s new e-mail address to any existing address.


With SSL & TLS security you can be assured your messages are securely encrypted during transfer. We also offer spam blocking, form CAPTCHA and virus protection.