Scottidesign is a local web design and marketing firm located in the heart of Long Valley, NJ.

At Scottidesign we take pride in all of our projects. Every step of the way we strive to make your business a success. Each new client is an opportunity for us to showcase our abilities. Most of our business comes from referrals from existing clients.

We work with you to determine the best price for your project. We understand each client is different and do not offer “packaged deals” like some of our competitors. Our quotes are always free, precise, descriptive, and affordable.

Scottidesign offers its clients reliable web hosting and support. With Scottidesign you will talk to a knowledgeable person, not a machine or outsourced call center. We will walk you through, step-by-step, any problems you may experience.

We support local charities and organizations
Operation Chillout
Columbia Trail Tromp - Pancreatic Cancer Research
NJ Woodland Stewards Program
The 200 Club of Hunterdon County

Please view the complete list of community service organizations we work with.

Our Local Memberships
Mt. Olive Area Chamber of Commerce
Long Valley Village Association
Rotary Club of Chester-Long Valley
LeTip of Somerset Hills
Our Team

Jeff Scotti

Founder / Owner

Jeff was the Owner/Operator of Scotti's Record Shops, the oldest independent music store in the country, for over twenty years. Under his leadership, Scotti's Record Shops were an industry leader in technology and marketing. A pioneer of "viral marketing", Jeff started his first website 15 years ago, and it has turned a profit every month since.

Andrew Bloom

Web Designer / Developer

Andrew has worked with Scottidesign for over 5 years to design and develop attractive websites. A graduate of NJIT in 2009 (IT/Multimedia) he excels at both design and development. With over 14 years experience in the field, Andrew has the coding know-how and eye for design that will get your website noticed.
A little bit about us...

From the early 1980’s thru 2006 Jeff Scotti was the guiding force behind Scotti’s Record Shops in New Jersey. During that time, Scotti’s Record Shops became one of the top 20 music chains in the country, top ten Ticketron and Ticketmaster outlets in the North East and a leader in Technology and Marketing.

In 1983 Jeff started the process of computerizing the chain of stores “Inventory Control” and “Point of Sale” terminals. Scotti’s was on the cutting edge of technology and that prepared the stores for a major growth in the industry. It was during this time that Jeff became a pioneer in what was to become known as “Viral Marketing” “We collected as many customer’s names and addresses in our database, then we moved onto FAX numbers. We would fax out concert and new release announcements to thousands of customers. Our Garden State Arts Center fax would get forwarded all over the East Coast. We started collecting email addresses as Dave Matthews came onto the music scene. Our weekly email was opened by millions of users a year. “One of our greatest successes was an all out effort to make a special event for the band From Good Homes on RCA records. I had a team of high school kids working electronic bulletin boards, email lists and more. We may have put together the first “Viral Marketing Teams” in the country. We were able to repeat this feat many times over with other bands such as Guster and more.” – Jeff Scotti

Jeff was a weekly contributor on WDHA 105.5 FM radio for 14 years discussing the weeks new releases and concert news live on the air.

While working on a website for the stores Jeff was disappointed by the options available. “Every estimate we received was over $250,000 and when I asked to see a list of profitable sites, no one had any. So I learned how to do it myself. Our site was very popular and turned a profit every month for years.” – Jeff

With the downturn in the retail music business, Jeff Scotti has been using his years of experience to help other businesses use the internet and technology to add profit to their bottom line.

We offer a wide range of services...