WordPress: A CMS Powerhouse

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At Scottidesign, we love to tell our clients how easy it is to manage their own website (even though most of time we will end up doing it). The most user friendly, code friendly, and customizable system (in our opinion) is a PHP-based blogging tool called WordPress. So most of the time, if the client wants to update their webpage, that is what we install.

Even though WordPress is a blog application, you can still use it as a CMS (Content Management System). So what is so great about WordPress as a CMS? Pretty much everything.

For the developer its the open source AND paid plugins that allow us to add custom functionally into our projects. This includes shopping carts, image galleries, search functions, and so much more. If you are in need of something, chances are someone has thought of it and created a plugin for it. You can compare it to the Apple’s iPhone anthem “There’s an App for that.”

For the client, its the simplicity of the WordPress UI and ease of adding posts / pages to their website. Clients sometimes struggle at first, being introduced to something new, but once they start getting comfortable with how to add, update, and remove their content it becomes an easy routine.

WordPress: http://www.wordpress.org/

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