Top 3 Google Ranking Factors – #3 is kinda creepy

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There are many things you can do to get your website better search engine visibility. Here are the top 3 things to that make a gig difference. Please contact us with any Search Engine Optimization questions you may have.

  1. Links
    • Link Authority or Trust – Who you link to and who links to your website has an effect on your website’s SEO. A link from a business association you belong to is more important than to linking to a blog no one reads.
    • Link Context –  The links on your website can tell search engines how to categorize your site. Make sure you link to something relevant and informative. If you are writing about “Unemployment Rates” be sure you link to government source for your figures.
    • Link Format – The “Anchor Text” (words in your article that are linked to a web page) Should be related to the content on your page.
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  2. Content – Content is the information on your page and content is the reason someone goes to your page in the first place, so you better have plenty of it.
    1. Content Relevance – Write content that makes sense to your title and everything else on your page.
    2. Content Usability – Is your information helpful to the person reading it.
    3. Content Originality – Google and everyone else knows if you copied your content.
  3. The RankBrain algorithm I think we will just let the video speak for itself.


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