Top 10 Heads Of State On Twitter.

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PRESIDENT OBAMA again maintained the top spot of all world leaders, with a vast 24 million followers, adding 15 million followers in one year. 2012 was an election year, therefore, the Twitter account continued to be managed by the presidential campaign staff. Obama continued to occasionally post his own tweets, signed with his initials. The 2012 re-election of President Obama … Read More

As if we needed another reason to dump Internet Explorer

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Zero-Day exploit in Internet Explorer(Update #2) It appears that another exploit is being actively used to install malware. This time, there is an exploit in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 9. This means, that all  Windows operating systems until Windows 8 are affected. Microsoft has acknowledged in the Security Advisory (2757760) that there is a problem and that they are analyzing it. … Read More

Protect your face book privacy

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As much fun as Facebook can be, I have always been uncomfortable about going public on line with personal information. Everyone should remember that the world has access to your Facebook pages and the pages of others you post on. I know adults who write letters to the editor in the local newspaper using a pseudonym but tell the world everything … Read More