Google+ and SEO

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As much as we all love Facebook it is important to not overlook Google+. I always tell my clients if the biggest search engine in the world asks us for more information why not give it to them.

At the start of 2015, Facebook announced 1.44 billion active users. The very definition of Facebook’s user activity is that the user has logged in at least once in the past month. While those numbers are charming, consider the reality behind them. Once you remove the near 90 million fake profiles Facebook knows about and has not yet removed, you’re left with less than half of those “active” users being considered actual daily users of Facebook. Half!

Today, over 82% of Facebook users are outside of the US, and users between the ages of 14 and 24 hardly even exist. What will that mean for the future of Facebook?

Meanwhile Google+ has a less impressive 20 million unique monthly users. What is impressive is that 22% of online adults visit Google+ at least once per month. That’s 22% of all adult-aged web surfers tracked by Google!

While you or your best friend may not use Google+ for commenting and posting, the majority of the world still clicks through Google+. This is the single most important reason why brands should maintain a Google+ page.

As local SEO and marketing experts we can tie Google+ into your marketing campaigns to really boos your results.

Google Eliminates 50% of Local Listings.

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Hiding private search

Have you tried to google yourself to see where your business is listed? If you haven’t it is a good idea to try it. If you don’t see yourself in the Google Map listings, you are not alone. Recently Google has changed the way they display local businesses. Google used to show seven businesses in what they call their “Local Pack.” Now they only show three. It is a great time to review where you are listed. If you don’t see yourself or even if you come up first, don’t panic or get too excited. The first thing to do is be sure that you are doing an anonymous search.

In the top right-hand corner of the Google search screen you will see two small icons, one looks like a person, and the other is a small picture of the world. If the outline of a person is highlighted, you will see a search based on your previous searches and your internet history. So if you always are searching for where your competition appears on the results page, then they will start to appear higher and higher, but that is just for you. If you are always searching for your company, then you will see yourself listed higher than anyone else sees you. Before you start to check out where you appear in Google search make sure you are “Hiding your Private Search Results.”

Back to the local maps

If in the “Google Local Pack”,  you no longer appear in the top three listings it is not the end of the world, it just means you will have to work a little harder to get there. With only three listings being shown the competition is pretty fierce, so it is probably time to get some help from a local SEO expert. It is going to take some solid hard work to move you back to the top. One thing to remember is that your competition is probably working hard to move up the list so if you don’t improve your SEO you will  keep slipping backward.

Give me a call if you have any questions.
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Update your online marketing

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SEO company in NJ

Over the last few years, there have been a lot of changes in how companies market themselves online. Best practices and code requirements have all been updated with an emphasis on mobile devices. This is not all bad news, it just means you have to be a little more proactive. There is now a lot of competition for the top spots in search results. If you own a business, it is time that you start thinking about how you are going to stay visible online. The good news is your efforts in online marketing work 24 hours a day 365 days a year. In the old days of print, radio and TV advertising once your ad ran that was it, you were done. Now your marketing keeps working for you all the time.

Contact us and we will be happy to explain it all to you.


Calculation ROI on SEO

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SEO is an operating cost

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SEO Experts

The reality that many business owners may not accept is that SEO likely won’t have a direct ROI calculation across the board. Good SEO requires consistent effort over the long term to see significant gains. It’s more of a requirement or necessity—a cost that should almost come out of the operating cost budget rather than the marketing budget. You need it to maintain your brand’s organic presence online and to continue to refresh and change to meet new user demands and needs.
Think about it this way: if you bought a Ferrari, would you forgo giving it an oil change?

Contact ScottiDesign your SEO and marketing experts.

Your Mobile Websites and Google

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What you need to know about Mobile Websites and Google

Google announced that having a “mobile friendly” website will be a factor in mobile ranking results starting April 21. This announcement, as you know, set the SEO world in commotion. The mobile algorithm change is set to run on April 21, but will likely roll out worldwide over the course of that entire week.

Let’s break this announcement down into it’s most basic form. Let’s first talk about this “April 21” date. It isn’t very often that Google announces an update BEFORE that update happens. I think Google is trying to give as many webmasters as possible the opportunity to change their websites to be mobile-friendly before the update. I don’t think they are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts however. No, they aren’t. If you think about it, Google’s goal is to display the best results in their Search Engine. What better way to reach that goal than to scare webmasters into making these changes.

Now, let’s talk about what “Mobile-Friendly” means. A “Mobile-Friendly” status is assigned to those websites that reach the standards that Google has set forth to be mobile-friendly. For the most part, Google is looking for a mobile site design that can be easily navigated through mobile searches.

If you have any questions about if your website is mobile ready please contact us.

WordPress Website Design – NJ

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WordPress_logo NJ

WordPress Websites
Designed For Easy Updating.

Custom looking websites
at a fraction of the price

  •  WordPress is easy to maintain.
  •  Quick to build.
  •  Flexible for any business type.
  •  Mobile ready.
  •  1000′s of add-On applications.
  • Highly ranked SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)
  • WordPress is used on 23% of all websites.

See our portfolio of website many are built with WordPress.

Whether you are a retailer, plumber, electrician, doctor or technician a flexible website to handle  your needs is essential. Frequently updated WordPress sites easily keep up with changing technologies and have adapted themselves to mobile devises. ScottiDesign can help with a flexible website that keep up with the daily changes that happen in the business world.

Call 908-333-5871 or fill out the form to learn more about how we can create an effective website to help your business convert more customers. ScottiDesign has 30 years of experience helping to market small businesses. We can help with email marketing, online advertising, Co-op advertising and more.

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An SEO Company You Can Trust

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Small Business Internet Marketing - SEO

Be Found with Local Online Marketing

We put your business on the map, literally.

The majority of consumers are searching the Internet to find what they need locally. They prefer to find products and services using search engines, rather than having unsolicited advertisements sent to them. Our Local online marketing service helps consumers to find your business by getting it listed and ranking high on all of the popular search engine business directories and maps pages, including Google Places.

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SEO Is All Work No Gimmicks

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Google wants websites to have natural link profiles and will penalize websites who do not. Websites should gain links from relevant, established sites who contribute valuable, authoritative information to the user. There is no need to fake your way to a great link profile. There are no more tricks to boosting your internet visibility. Give us a call so we do the work for you 908-333-5871