Our Link Building Strategy

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Ranking on the first page of Google takes two things: relevance and trust.

Relevance = onsite work

We optimize the content, keywords, and code of your website. This gives users the information they need about your services/products and supports what is being said offsite.

Trust = offsite work

We create content about your industry and place it where other people can like, share, and click to route back to your website.

A website’s trust is determined by the number of other websites that link back to a website. These links, called backlinks, are like a “vote of confidence” from one website to another. It’s a
signal to Google that other people can vouch for and recommend your services and products.

Link Diversification

We place active, clickable links in all the places people gather online (industry sites, blogs, business directories, etc.). These links direct users back to your website. The more links you have, and the more relevant and trusted they are, the more you will be, too.

Link Location

We don’t focus solely on high-profile websites. We ensure you have links from a variety of relevant sources.



Link Type

To make your link portfolio natural and organic, we supply an appropriately balanced mix of do-follow and no-follow links.



Link Quality

A small business doesn’t need hundreds of links to gain trust, and too many links can look suspicious and unnatural to Google.


Link Location

We create backlinks that appear natural, as if a small business owner were manually creating their own.

The “quality” of a link is subjective and varies greatly from one SEO expert to another. Because Google doesn’t share their algorithm with anyone, it opens the door to a wide variety of opinions on what effective SEO is. Many of those are just that, opinions.

Links relevant to our clients’ services and products are far more impactful than links from a website with high domain authority.

We performed a case study that targeted higher domain authority sites and the performance was nearly identical to sites with low domain authority. Focusing on sites with high domain authority took significantly more effort and doubled the price of our SEO.


This is what our method is all about; using diverse link-building efforts to get our clients the best results for the best price. It doesn’t matter what our company thinks good SEO is, or what the internet at large thinks good SEO is — Google is the judge and our track record indicates they like our link-building strategy.

In fact, they like it so much that 86% of our clients reach the first page of Google within 6 months.






10 tips to registering a domain

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10 tips to registering a domain name for your business.


  1. Your domain is the address of your website, and it does not have to be your legal company name. Avoid adding things like LLC, Corp, Inc; they really don’t mean much to a searcher or search engine; you would be better off adding a descriptor like if your market was regional, you could add NJ,  NY, or a county or town,  Morris, etc.
  2. Keep it short! You will have to add your domain to all your marketing material, and you may have to spell it for people, so the easier, the better.
  3. .COM domains are usually the most effective, but if you need to use something else, make sure it makes sense, like .shop for an online store.
  4. Register possible misspellings or alternate spellings of your domain so that even if a user does not enter your correct domain they will still get your website
  5. Pay extra for a private registration. This will cut down on spam and scammers.
  6. Don’t register a domain that can be confused with another business.
  7. Set your domain to auto-renew
  8. Check if your domain has been used before and who used it at https://web.archive.org/
  9. Use a trusted domain registry 
  10. Avoid doubled letters and Hyphens

We are having a sale on domains starting for as little as
$11.99 per year.

Please let us know about closings

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To all of our clients, if you have any closing announcements or information regarding COVID-19 that you need on your website, please let us know ASAP. We have extra staff available today to help with the changes.
If you are not one of our clients and you need help, call us at 908-333-5871, and we will be happy to help.

1st Page of Google With a Winning SEO Strategy

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Get Your Small Business to the 1st Page of Google

Nearly every small business has a website*  but what are you doing to stand out when potential customers are looking to buy? Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. You must be on the 1st page of search engines like Google, and SEO is the way to get there.

* If you don’t have a website for your business call 908-333-5871 and ask for Jeff.

Unfortunately, many small businesses have been priced out of this critical service or been forced to put up with low-quality providers that are outsourcing the work to other countries. We’re here to change that by offering local, effective, affordable SEO products to help our small business clients grow their business. Call us today to find out how we can help you drive more web traffic and increase sales.

What is SEO Exactly and
Why Do I Need It?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It’s the work that goes into your website to show search engines, like Google, that you’re the best result when customers are searching for your product or service. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get your website to the top of the list. So how does Google know which sites to put on the 1st page of results?

Google evaluates your website based on two things: RELEVANCE and TRUST.

 ScottiDesign on the 1st Page of Google

One Of Our Favorite Projects.

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Over the years we have worked on websites for all types of businesses and organizations. It is rewarding to learn about different companies and organizations and to help them to grow.

We have been fortunate to help out several local non-profits and community organizations. One of the website that I have found the most interesting and fun to work on is Washington Township Historical Society.  The content on this website fascinating, I know many of us have spent a good deal of time looking at the old pictures and trying to find where those spots are today.  The WTHS also has an active Facebook account. There are many sites we have been proud to help and those sites have been important helping those in need throughout the area. If you are familiar with Washington Township in New Jersey or just enjoy seeing some history give The Washington Township Historical Society a look.

Did you know?

The Schooley’s Mountain resort area of Schooley’s Mountain rivaled Newport, RI and Saratoga Springs, NY and laid claim to such distinguished visitors as the Roosevelts, Astors, and Ulysses S. Grant.

Use The Language Your Customers Use!

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SEO Results Page Scottidesign

Use keywords your customers would use,
and you will show up at the top of search results lists!

Customers search through millions of websites, but usually only see a few. How did those few websites get so lucky? Those websites that understand search engine optimization (SEO) come in first. ScottiDesign has proven themselves to be one of the most knowledgeable Search Engine Results experts in the area. Our SEO expertise combined with our website development can get you to step up your website’s search ranking with a unique online marketing strategy for your business. Your strategy can include search engine optimization, creating content, local directory listing, social media marketing, and mobile web design. We use every important ranking strategy to help your website rise to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.