10 tips to registering a domain

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10 tips to registering a domain name for your business.


  1. Your domain is the address of your website, and it does not have to be your legal company name. Avoid adding things like LLC, Corp, Inc; they really don’t mean much to a searcher or search engine; you would be better off adding a descriptor like if your market was regional, you could add NJ,  NY, or a county or town,  Morris, etc.
  2. Keep it short! You will have to add your domain to all your marketing material, and you may have to spell it for people, so the easier, the better.
  3. .COM domains are usually the most effective, but if you need to use something else, make sure it makes sense, like .shop for an online store.
  4. Register possible misspellings or alternate spellings of your domain so that even if a user does not enter your correct domain they will still get your website
  5. Pay extra for a private registration. This will cut down on spam and scammers.
  6. Don’t register a domain that can be confused with another business.
  7. Set your domain to auto-renew
  8. Check if your domain has been used before and who used it at https://web.archive.org/
  9. Use a trusted domain registry 
  10. Avoid doubled letters and Hyphens

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